VR, AR and Cyber Art at Frieze

Over at Frieze NYC you can tumble down the digital rabbit hole via Daniel Birnbaum x ELECTRIC’s very cool, totally vibrant VR riot.

Through social networking services (SNS), live feeds, gaming temporalities, AR, VR and other immersive media, we can experience interactive art (and other digital delights) like never before. A little computational alchemy mixed with some Dada, Marcel Duchamp, Call of Duty, augmented reality and cool architecture can go a long way, producing pleasure, tension, surprise and revelation.

At Frieze New York this year, you can “take a journey through the human body” via an immersive headset, do counterinsurgency/close quarters combat (CQC) courtesy of Call of Duty: Black Ops, peep VR avatars/illustrations inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Hilma Af Klint, and soul-search via Timur Si-Qin’s spiritual-virtual nirvanas. These are just a few of ELECTRIC x Daniel Birnbaum‘s rollicking artworks currently being exhibited at Randall’s Island Park that has the art scene all queued up and in a tizzy.

ELECTRIC presents a number of artists of different generations, such as Rachel Rossin and Anish Kapoor, who make use of the new technical tools. Some of the works reference seminal works of art, such as Marcel Duchamp’s ‘The Large Glass‘, that appears to have anticipated dimensions that are visible today. Others explore entirely immersive possibilities.”

The various works and installations can be experienced through distributed headsets/form factors that link to viewers’ phones via an awesome app engineered by the masterful tech agency Acute Art. Showcasing artists such as Anish Kapoor, whose VR work goes inside the body, as well as Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, who bring black and white charcoal drawings to life, you can traverse a sprawling digital thicket, contemplate high-level mathematical constructs, and get fully immersed in multidimensional and hypnagogic habitats. Read more: