Vexed Generation – ‘The Second Coming’

Nuanced garments, 90s nostalgia and the politics of privacy. Vexed Generation is back…

Highly authentic, mysteriously avant-garde and critically considered: Vexed Generation is the brand interrogating the system. Born as a passion project between underground apostles Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter in the early 90s as a paranoid and reactionary reflex to London’s wall-to-wall CCTV surveillance, the Criminal Justice Bill, an encroaching state and oozing angst in the Anglosphere, the label became a ‘politicized’ take on Helmut Lang with dystopian qualities that questioned various ‘Panopticon institutions’ and Orwellian impulses.

The brand’s technical outerwear became a kind of armour for London’s creative class. Now, thanks to the talented team at Byronesque, an 11 piece ‘re-issue range’ dropped – replicas of the originals with correspondingly dark dna, artisanal balaclavas, nebulous ninja hoodies and an overall subversive spirit – peddled via all-inclusive e-tailer Farfetch. The awesome, anti-utopian aesthetic of Vexed Gen will take you to the edge of the psychic-sartorial abyss and beyond. The capsule collection is available now. Welcome to ‘FUTUR 404.’ Click here to get some.