This Is Great Art

Aaron Curry – The Bass, Miami

Um, talk about cosmic orgies and celestial nurseries à la Carl Sagan! Aaron Curry just landed in sunny South Beach with limited edition bombshells from another world! These next-level, knee-knocking pieces are phosphoric, alchemical, punk as f#^k and a gift from the gods.

The Texan titillator has always been an originator of sublime and super-stimulating art. Inspired by skate culture, cubism, frontline fashion and his own inner (ingenious) demons, he just hung a few fresh canvases at The BassMiami’s swankiest art vault located smack-dab in the middle of South Beach.

The incredibly textured, irregularly-shaped works represent a fibrillating force field and emit irradiating ratatatats like an X5 coronal mass ejection. His salvo of surreal, glitched-out, graphical buckshots create psychic ruptures and mindfucks unlike anything else in Miami. It’s all a rapturous visual discharge of majestic montage, masticating brushwork, ad hoc fabrications, spray-painted enamel geometries and honest-to-goodness visual anarchy. In cahoots with Chloe and curated by the excellent Leilani Lynch, these select works will cheer you up and char your psyche. Go to The Bass now! Peep the pics…