‘The Game: All Things Trump’

An accretion disk of Trump tokens.

Artist Andres Serrano depicts The Donald in all his gilded glory and showcases piles of promo products and paraphernalia that will make all Wokesters very, very triggered.

“It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s whether you win.”

Andres Serrano’s ‘The Game: All Things Trump’ is a tsunami of Trumpism punctuated with political Pop sauciness, kitschy thingamajigs and ideological taint. It reminds us of those gagged up readymades that Marcel Duchamp made during the WWI years but less gimmicky. Haters and Wokesters will connect the exhibit to American-style Nazism, nascent totalitarianism and the ‘new authoritarianism’ with its endless MAGA merch, fleshy Melania imagery, graphic agitprop goodies and symbolic alt-right radiations. But don’t believe the driveling #risistors and virtue rangers: the show is actually a sprawling agglomeration and intelligent explication of the populist revolution currently in full swing and the underpinnings that gave rise to The New Right’s riotous insurgency with the Golden Golem of Greatness at its helm. Read more ->