'The Force of Clay'- Stunning Sculptures at Gagosian (Uptown)

Slick slabs, pretty polygons and clay contortions: John Mason’s minimalist oddities and twisted totems.

Gagosian Gallery (the one way uptown) just opened a glorious exhibit featuring masterpieces made by the legendary chisler John Mason. The space is jam-packed with fierce fabrications and gnarly podium-like structures dense with minimalist mojo. An ode to the clay making virtuoso who sadly shuffled off this mortal coil last year, Gagosian’s exhibit, titled, ‘Geometric Force’, brims with beautiful alien-like planks, ponderous planars and walk-around sculptures that are expressionistic, futuristic, and strangely spiritualistic.

It all reminds of us of ancient alien artifacts from the future with deep personal and philosophical underpinnings. These sculptures straddle gaps between physics and metaphysics, the mundane and the mythic, Abstract Expressionism and undefined genres. Mason’s mon