Swear London x Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Sneaker freakers are going gaga for the SWEAR x UGLYWORLDWIDE joint venture.

Global hypebeasts just can’t stop gravitating toward chunky, ugly-chic 90s rave kid sneakers. Just look at the top five fuggliest kicks that have become the trend du jour: Balenciaga’s Triple S, LVMH’s Archlights, Vetements x Reebok’s Instapump Fury, Raf Simon’s Ozweegos, and Sketcher’s entire footwear portfolio. They’re all totally grody yet simultaneously ‘avant-garde’, at least that’s the consensus view. They also embody a weird, vintage-futuristic, sometimes ‘post-Soviet’, dad shoe vibe (see directly below –yawn)…

Displacing all that ballyhoo is the much fêted gothic-inspired Air Revive shoe, a hybrid creature that is boundary-pushing, bespoke, functional and fab. Born out of alt-model Jazzelle Zanaughtti’s retro-futuristic synergy with SWEAR London, this killer collabwill whiz you back to the nineties rave scene and light up your brain’s sensory network. The kicks are even fully customizable.

“I fell in love with the Air Revive Collection because it combined a nostalgic 90’s feel with a striking futuristic design,” Jazzelle says. “They are a chunky yet sleek and really fit my style. I love how the transparent sole makes the wearer look like they are levitating. I stayed away from loud colors to make sure the strong silhouettes remain the main focus. I also wanted the shoes to go with any outfit, something I could wear any day, no matter how I feel.” Read more here.