Surreal Cyber Artist Olga Fedorova

Olga Fedorova’s digital Dada and trippy existential tableus. Whoa

Olga Mikh Fedorova sounds like some Bond girl femme fatale, à la From Russia With Love. But actually she’s the real deal Belgian visionary spawning 3D avatars and madcap microcosms that will shock your system and singe your subconscious.

Based in Brussels and one of Felt Zine’s faves, Olga creates endless combos of strange form factors, off-key characters and parallel realms. Her art is filled with freakish objects and semi-carnal scenes: a visit to the ob-gyn with baby alligators; MRI machines and axe-wielding, bikini-clad weirdos canvased in the backdrop; puffy pink afros amidst warm, pixelated textures; warped swimming pools with docile ponies and open laptops showing Facebook profiles; a decrepit, burnt hand extending outward holding a parched mobile phone; some chick wearing a helmut and hanging out near melting glaciers, etc.

These things are pretty sexed up, teched out and seemingly always placed in a sterile/clinical environment (Olga is obviously a germaphobe). She also channels Marcel Duchamp’s stylistic dissociations, only rendered digitally with a super charge of Dadaism (VR included!).

Trained as a painter at