Sterling Ruby’s ‘SPECTER‘

Artist Sterling Ruby implemented a siren of a sculpture in the middle of the Coachella desert valley. Holy shit!

Sterling Ruby’s ‘SPECTER‘ is so phosphorescent that even high tech prisms can’t properly disperse the blinding wavelengths. His equiangular quadrilateral, also known as a rectangle, is intensely orange/red and looks like an alien portal to a parallel place. It radiates like the innards of a radioactive cyclotron, exuding otherworldy power, sublime energy and hallucinogenic imagination waves. Strategically positioned in Mount San Jacinto State Park, California, as part of the 2019 Desert X biennial, the monolith (composed of painted aluminum) is a minimalist masterpiece and artistic ode to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (think Hal and obscure AI or Kazimir Malevich‘s ‘Red Rectangles‘ on acid). We love ‘SPECTER’ because it exists as an outsider object and a bizarro

transplant from another esthetic planet. As the critic Neville Wakefield put it: “It’s as an encounter in the desert and a mystery that comes alive. Here the glowing orange acts as a giant redaction, a pictorial hole burnt into the landscape that transforms the familiar into something strange and surreal.” Anyway, we revere Sterling Ruby’s awesome art. Take a look at ‘SPECTER’ and worship at the cult altar of an alchemical mastermind.