Sterling Ruby’s fashion cosmos

Artist Sterling Ruby, launches his fashion label S.R. Studio. LA. CA., at Pitti Uomo.

Despite his mesmerizing art and awe-inspiring sculptures, artist Sterling Ruby continues to blow our minds with his endless talents. Artist turned fashion designer, have just launched his fashion label S.R. Studio. LA. CA., at Pitti Uomo and radiated a powerful and sublime aesthetic on Florence and the rest of the fashion cosmos last night.

And with no doubt LA based alchemical mastermind understands what it takes to put on a good fashion show: from the meticulously picked fabrics transformed into surreal garments, that closely merge with American folk traditions, iconography, and artist’s personal journey, to punk album cover references and tiniest details such as branded buttons and zippers.

Key pieces include: the trippy acid-washed two-piece denim suits, oversized knitwear and coats, silk and cotton printed dresses in eye-popping colors, shirts displaying loud imagery of candles and flowers (shot by Ruby’s wife, photographer Melanie Schiff). Traditional yet innovative lux, fused with street smart vibes came in the form of lycra sport leggings paired with the rubber chunky hiking like shoes and combat-chic boots.

There has been a lot of anticipation for this show, but Ruby’s interest for clothes and fashion comes as no surprise: he collaborated with fashion impresario Raff Simons couple of years ago, but most importantly he has been working with textiles and patchworks for years as part of his multidisciplinary artwork and collages.

We worship Sterling Ruby’s sizzling collection, that is in fact not one, but four collections and some of the pieces are currently available on SSENSE.COM.