STAY HOME: How to overcome cabin fever?

Feeling a CABIN FEVER today? We hear you !!But we are all in this together for someone we love or humanity in general. So to all #stayhome friends stay creative and don’t let fear or anxiety overcome your lovely spirit. The reality is horrific but a daily schedule, routines and creativity can keep our spirits .

I grew up as an only child and there were days when i was grounded and hated being at home with my parents while everyone was out and about. I felt restricted and created this parallel world of my own where i would explore every square foot of our home and hide from my parents. I would read books, magazines and talk with my friends on the phone from a bathtub, or my closet or even my dads tool cabinet. It gave me some new and weird  sense of freedom. I was at home but not actually. So this time made me go back to childhood and just hide in my shower yesterday. I read a book, made some bubbles and had a drink. I also wore boots that were in the books for the past 5 years. It felt good. I didn't help safe lives like doctors/nurses helping in a way essential workers do, but I hope by staying home I am making a small contribution to society. What can you do from your home or a bathtub. Please share your stories with us and please #STAYHOME and help contain this virus.