SOCIAL – The leanest, cleanest elixir in the land!


Leah Caplanis is a mixologist extraordinaire. She concocts stylishly handcrafted sparkles that will make your taste filters flutter.

If you’re after the best beverages around, forget those posh, ‘pedigreed’ and overpriced suds – SOCIAL is the tastiest thirst-quencher in the land! From lavender lemon infused with ginger to elderflower apple and toasted coconut almond, the art of the spritzer is akin to the art of a stylish outfit. Which is precisely why we love Leah Caplanis, the creative brains behind SOCIAL.

Back in 2014, Leah and her crew brewed up the SOCIAL brand — the superbly carbonated drink with the cleanest buzz, greenest ingredients and tastiest detoxifiers (and definitely packaged to perfection!). At only 88 calories and GMO-free, SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is the bomb! Containing barely any sugar and devoid of sulfites (S02), the bev is the only USDA-approved, totally organic, utterly economical canned wine around.

It’s healthy, hands down! VERY HEALTHY! Moreover, we are super-inspired by Leah’s survival instinct and her holistic approach to battling Thyroid cancer. Yep, she had it — and then she crushed it with her shatterproof spirit, a zesty can-do attitude and a healthy lifestyle. “The goal behind SOCIAL was to create the most health-conscious alcohol to empower people to live vibrant connected lives,” she said. “We also believe in happy, healthy, hangover-free fun that is sustainable, perfectly priced and creatively curated.”

With SOCIAL, you can literally lap up all you can — and then some. The consequences: happiness and well-being, waves of euphoria, guilt-free ecstasy and cosmic splendor. We tried the entire range for ourselves and got instantly addicted to the fuzzy micro bubbles, velvety textures, magical antioxidants and sublime mellowness.

And dudes, don’t let that pretty pink-hued packaging discourage you. Guys are gulping it down in droves! With SOCIAL, you won’t get a beer belly and you definitely won’t black out and wake up somewhere vom. So SOCIALize responsibly and amp up your effervescence! Order some here.

We really love SOCIAL! THANK YOU, Leah!