SOCIAL – The leanest, cleanest elixir in the land!


Leah Caplanis is a mixologist extraordinaire. She concocts stylishly handcrafted sparkles that will make your taste filters flutter.

If you’re after the best beverages around, forget those posh, ‘pedigreed’ and overpriced suds – SOCIAL is the tastiest thirst-quencher in the land! From lavender lemon infused with ginger to elderflower apple and toasted coconut almond, the art of the spritzer is akin to the art of a stylish outfit. Which is precisely why we love Leah Caplanis, the creative brains behind SOCIAL.

Back in 2014, Leah and her crew brewed up the SOCIAL brand — the superbly carbonated drink with the cleanest buzz, greenest ingredients and tastiest detoxifiers (and definitely packaged to perfection!). At only 88 calories and GMO-free, SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is the bomb! Containing barely any sugar and devoid of sulfites (S02), the bev is the only USDA-approved, totally organic, utterly economical canned wine around.