Serbian Sweetness – Maja Djordjevic

Serbian artist Maja Djordjevic has taken over one of London’s most auspicious shopping destinations with a candy-colored art installation mixing the playful with the subversive and topped with a cherry.

‘Nothing to Wear Again’ features the free-spirited, sexually independent female form in all its ice cream-embellished glory. Naked figures sit atop a melting mound of ice cream (that’s ‘sladoled’ in serbian), liberated from the oppressive male gaze (of course!) and paving their own ontological-sexual paths. Awash in a 90s-era Microsoft Paint palette with a seriously sweet streak, this spectacle crackles with alchemical cuteness and overt political signalling.

Front and center at Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street and done in conjunction with SKIP Gallery, the art emanates from the #Resistance/#MeToo histrionics and marks the gateway to a ‘Conservative/Tory-free’ nirvana. Curated by artist-curator duo Baker & Borowski, the gallery’s ‘Like It Lump It’ project has been integrated into Selfridges’ ‘State of the Arts’ initiative to make under the radar Eastern euro art more accessible while promoting the ethos of social justice warriors in the UK. READ MORE ->