"SECOND SMILE" via The Hole Gallery

NYC still delivers fabulous fringe activity and underground art that swells with psychodrama and surrealism.

There is always something hella-cool over at The Hole, NYC’s most frontline gallery.  Even during the sickening Wuhan Virus swirl of death and disruption, the Hole always manages to showcase life-affirming art. Featuring a rogue clutch of 30-plus artists, the happily and aptly named “Second Smile” exhibit is now live — a tour-de-force chorus of cool art and raucous voices full of fierce verve and viral fire. Daredevil Curator Kathy Grayson once again delivers a delightful, immersive (virtual) spectacle featuring artists like Aaron Adam Parker Smith and Alexander Harrison, etc.

This otherworldly domain of visual ecstasy and surrealist jumble explores new modes of figuration, abstraction and multi-layered weirdness. 

Ultra-mind bending and undeniably manic, this range of art was carefully engineered and organized for the Great 2020 Quarantine. Adhering to the always annoying, new normal ‘social distancing’ routine (in our new age of WTF solipsism and self-isolation), the Hole has physically closed its doors but virtually opened its interior to a nocturnal, eccentric, anarchic, anti-establishment, cosmopolitan and cultist blowout. The show is bold, sublime, sexed up and psychic.

Peep a few pics below. And check @thehole for live stories and digital bliss throughout this existential high speed standstill. This exhibit is lit and on through May 24th.  Enjoy this awesome virtual expo here.

Photography The Hole

Aaron Elvis Jupin-Adam Parker Smith-Alexander Harrison-Ali Bonfils-Alison Blickle - Anders Oinonen - Anthony Iocono - Ariana Papademetropoulos - Aurel Schmidt - Ben Sanders - Ben Spiers - Botond Keresztesi - Brittney Leeanne Williams - Cathrin Hoffmann - Charline Tyberghein - Emily Mae Smith, Emma Stern - Eric Yahnker - Giorgio De Chirico - Jana Euler, Kara Joslyn - Kevin Christy - Leonor Fini - Louisa Gagliardi - Maria Fragoso - Mimi Parent - Molly Greene - Nicolas Party - Pedro Pedro - René Magritte - Robert Lazzarini - Salvador Dali - Samual Weinberg - Tali Lennox - Tony Matelli- The -Hole-Gallery- Kathy -Grayson - Newfangled.us - NYC - Art - Exhibit - Curation - pandemics- stayhome