Salutogenic design: Higher architectural aspirations

Floor to ceiling windows, natural light, inviting nature into the workspace, unconventional staircases, more nature and more sustainable features…can you feel the seismic shift? We’re headed for a total rebellion against traditionality. Adding fuel to the trend that is ‘wellness’, salutogenic design may just be the catalyst behind one of the biggest shifts in architecture.

Salutogenic design (designing for wellness), is about centering a space around the use of restorative elements, so inhabitants are de-stressing and prioritizing their well-being just by occupying space. Whether in the workplace or home base sustainable elements and nature, have been proven to drive more creativity and decrease stress. Something to consider if you’re career hopping or looking for new territory to claim as your own.

Stimulating design fosters connection, while simultaneously considering purpose, function, socio-cultural factors and aesthetic. The essence of good design is that it makes a product, or in this case a space - honest, innovative and useful. In an architectural sense, salutogenic design is the ultimate investment in people. The defining test is asking the question how does this space make you feel? Meaningful architectural design is more than placing a modern gym in a building but incorporating elements associated with mind, fitness, nourishment and comfort.

Check out these stimulating spaces that personify what architectural design can do for human health, providing imaginativeness, variety and creatively encouraging their use.