Ronit Baranga - Sweet Demon Clay "Watchers"

Ronit Baranga makes cute, diabolical decor comprised of bloodied up infants, goblin tots and surreal ceramics, and she has been Newfangled's art crush for many years.

So if it happens you are in Munich this month stop by and check out Baranga's "Grave Watchers" at Storpunkt gallery, as part of a group show "Shades of Black", that have just opened.

The insanely cool Israeli artist makes killer clay constructions, evil-sweet ornaments, and charming bloody buggers that tap into some phantasmagoric Freudian dreamstate. Probing the darker dimensions of the psyche, Ronit conjures extreme cuteness and then collides it with fiendishness and phenomenological quandaries (in a fun, artistic way, of course). We are obsessed with her twisted topologies, grotesque contortions, and outré anatomic obscenities. Women, children and objet d’art are mythical and contemporary, a simultaneous expression of existential torment, new born naiveté and mutant morphology.

Ronit raises questions about the nature of human perception, cognition and fantasy. Her mind-bending representations of agape mouths, entangled hands/fingers, and beastly toddlers with tattoos (that double as tableware) query themes around self-awareness, aesthetics and the human condition. Ronit draws inspiration from a wide range of sources: Tang Dynasty ceramics, pale pink tongues that resemble fatty tuna, weird mythology, social psychology, the occult and dualistic cosmologies of good vs. evil.

We love her deft hand, hybridized homunculi, creatures of the id and Salvador Dali-style decor.