Qiu Yang’s Intriguing Eco-Art – ‘Internal Stress’

Aussie-Chinese shutterbug Qiu Yang makes pretty pastel-y photos that capture the physics of mechanical stress applied to industrial products. Weird and way cool! He also shoots amazing car and fashion adverts…and has a wicked website to boot!

In mechanics, ‘stress’ is a physical quantity. Specifically, it quantifies the tension of particles exerting forces on one another. Through continual exertion of stress, a material will eventually reach a critical breaking point – known as ‘contraflexure.’ In this eye-popping image series, titled ‘Internal Stress’, photographer Qiu Yang explores different kinds of plastics manufactured in China (the world’s biggest polluter, don’t forget), depicting various stress levels and inflection points visually.

While plastic remains one of China’s biggest exports, and is a critical input into numerous goods around the world, Qiurenders this material as a potent metaphor for the People’s Republic of China and the infinite ‘negative externalities’ concomitant with that country’s toxic industrial development — a high-pressure state, masking signs of both social, economic and political stress (decay) that has reached a breaking point. We love Qiu Yang’s candy-coated pics, and agree that China is staring into the abyss. Check out these cool, highly complex photos that look wow on the surface but signify utter spoilage within. This is modern China…