Prism fantasy

Optical ecstasy and more…

A visual feast full of light fields and glorious graphical gusto. Welcome to ‘Prism Fantasy’ in Incheon, South Korea.

If you were thinking about optics, aesthetics and new ways of observing light, then your next art outing should be Incheon, South Korea. A new exhibit there titled, ‘Prism Fantasy’ at Paradise Art Space, will blow your brains out, expand your senses, and transport you to unreal realms.

The exhibit channels the fundamental properties of light along with endless conceptual torque – ‘Reflection, Infinity, Spectrum and Illusion’ being the main motifs. Showcasing 25 works from artists around the globe, this penetrating aggregation will illuminate, educate and entertain you via a vibrant multimedia storm and sensory-aesthetic overload. You might walk out cross-eyed or even succumb to an ‘altered state’ of mind.

The walloping works are meticulously organized into four different sections exploring different phenomena of light. The ‘Reflection’ section features works by Jeppe Hein (Denmark), Daniel Rozin (Israel), and Daniel Buren (France). The ‘Infinity’ area features works representing the infinitude of light by Ivan Navarro (Chile), Thomas Canto (France), and Lee Bul (Korea). The ‘Spectrum’ section shows art by Gabriel Dawe (Mexico) and Bongchull Shin (Korea) that examines various wavelengths/light dualities across both finite space and throughout the continuum.

The ‘Illusion’ section is populated with works by Ryota Kuwakubo (Japan), Lee Yongbaek (Korea), and Olafur Eliasson (Denmark) that blur the lines between reality, imagination, and what metaphysicians call phenomena-enumena(perception vs. sensation).