Nigel Cooke Figurative Abstractions at Pace NY

“I am interested in taking the painting on a journey to arrive at somewhere new, experiencing it in a linear way that allows lines to accumulate and the paint to build up in significant areas." Nigel Cooke

The alchemical mastermind makes painting beyond the heroic domains of Abstract Expressionism. He plays around with his new methodology by exploring possibilities of fresh, performative and abstract approach to figuration.

Over at always awesome Pace on West 25th Street in NY, Cooke has set up mesmerizing wide-scale, bold and dynamic canvases, that capture the shift in Cooke's work, and transformed the spacious main floor into a visual pleasure extraordinaire.

Drawing inspo from divine forces of American artists, as well as British configuration and perhaps Chinese silk painting, Cooke unequivocally connects the still with the more abstract, performative figuration.

His art pops with a single color that freely moves to more performative and energetic form and transforms with psychological perspicacity, visual intensity that makes our heart palpitate.

Cooke's canvases crackle with physical fervor, abstractions,and vivid depictions of spirit and nature while artist's philosophy shifts into free and vibrant systems with their own logic. Go worship Nigel Cooke visual pleasures at Pace Gallery in NYC. On view until February 29th.