New Book – ‘An Economist Walks Into A Brothel’

Exploring the esoteric realms of sex workers, tank commanders, magicians, film makers, high rollers and horse breeders, economist Allison Schrager shows how people estimate and transmute risk, producing winners and losers across underground ecosystems and interdependent domains.

Risk management is the bewildering study of decision making, and of the related topics of valuation, exchange, and strategic interactions. The aim, of course, is to minimize the possibility that the worst will happen while maximizing favorable outcomes. Drawing on military history, sociology, neurology, and econometrics, Allison Schrager’s bangin’ new book, ‘An Economist Walks Into A Brothel’, illuminates some of the most deeply fundamental activities of human existence: the decision process, navigating uncertainty and traversing interconnected systems fraught with freakish feedback loops and iffy outcomes.