‘Muscle Memory’ at Elephant West

Elephant West, a progressive art space in London, debuts audio-visual whammies from Anna Liber Lewis and Kieran Hebden (AKA Four Tet). We likey.

Visual artist Anna Liber Lewis and underground soundsmith Kieran Hebden amalgamated efforts to deliver a delightful, immersive exhibit that will stimulate all your senses simultaneously. Chock-full of graphic grandeur, flooded colorways and otic flourishes, this show collides sonic sensations with compositional vigor. Immersive, emotive and artistically juicy, the oeuvre – titled ‘Muscle Memory’ – is a multi-sensory thwack that is meant to disrupt orthodox art showcases. “Each painting comes from an encounter. I am interested in the moment when something shifts: a metamorphosis that happens sometimes physically; sometimes emotionally, manifested in behavior, body language and visual signs, a shape shifting,” says Anna. The work is symbolic, sensual, seditious and altogether sublime. Go to Elephant West immediately if you are in London town. Click here for coordinates. The show is on until March 17, 2019.