#supportthedoctors - ad campaign that will melt your heart!

Creatives long to see through the eyes of a curious child and take you places without giving you the map. They make you listen without talking, hear the music with no volume on, and shake you up when you don’t expect. More than ever during this limited and challenging times, we admire their talents and creativity to connect us in thanking to a real superheroes: doctors and essential workers. One of those initiatives “Thank You, Doctors!” led by McCann creative offices in Europe, encouraged expressions of thanks to medical workers and doctors during Covid-19, which result to a brilliant and moving poster series from creatives at McCann Belgrade, recognizing the frontline workers as superheroes. A sort of roving magician art director Lidija Milovanovic reveals the wacky-real superhero massage on doctors’ faces, capturing the markings of masks, all with a philosophical kick and mind-blowing appreciation. We especially love Lidija's visceral aesthetic, reminiscing intimate story and intense imagery. Check it out along with other outstanding work coming from Albania and Romania.