Wang Guangle 王光乐, China’s deft graphic virtuoso, just dropped his ‘Duo Color’ and ‘Time Paintings’ show at PACE New York. It’s dope…and very timely!

Classical philosophers argued that time is not a reality, but a concept or a measure. In thermodynamics we think of time in terms of entropy (time flows forward while the cosmos grows more chaotic). This process is mono-directional, of course. We experience life in a future-bound continuum via ‘the arrow of time,’ as disorder expands and anarchy envelopes everything. This metaphysical absolute informs us that time, life, existence and our experiences are utterly irreversible. Time is a finite and sacred resource. Time and space are inextricably fused in what Einstein mathematically identified as ‘spacetime,’ or time as three-dimensional space integrated in a four-dimensional continuum. Frontline cosmologists have even imagined ‘multiverses’ backed by brain-bending mathematical proofs and simulations.

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