LX Gallery – New York, New Art Venue

LX (that’s ‘60’ in Roman numerals – duh) is the hyper-luxe, heterodox art gallery that just launched in January. Located at #36 East 60th Street, the swish gallery showcases and juxtaposes in-between genres, fine as f*^k contemporary art, insurgent energies and razzle-dazzle real estate. The big brains behind the lovely platform – Louis Buckworth (a property investor/collector) and Cecilia Weaver (a Sotheby’s alum) – are stealthy and seditious with a penchant for extreme opulence, surrealism, Dada and synapse-slicing exotic art pieces.

The gallery opened earlier this with their first group show titled, ‘I Don’t Believe in Art, I Believe in Artists,’ a quote they lifted from Marcel Duchamp. Louis and Cecilia are a hardcore, high-brow art tribal twosome, allowing us to see NYC anew through a micro-filtered, marvelous lens way up in nosebleed land → U.E.S.

Some of their excellent artists include Katherine Bradford, Thornton Dial, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir/Shoplifter, Tal R and our fave Aaron Curry. LX’s big kahunas said this about the concept: “LX is a new kind of art space, a destination where visitors will linger and converse about the art in a salon like setting that is intimate and inspiring by design.” There is also an emphasis on interior design and cool objet d’art with rare goodies courtesy of Quinlan Osbourne.

Lisa Cooley, a cool curator, will come into the fold this spring at LX, implementing her own original vision for the venue. The whole shebang is intended to appeal to dealers, collectors, artists, and advisors alike. NEWFANGLED X VIVISXN is all about it!