As part of our serious "Infectious Art" we can't not to mention Marcel Breuer, great architect, furniture designer, and master of Modernism who introduced us to new minimal, tubular steel furniture, that would in a way fight future pandemics. After the Spanish flu of 1918, there was need for new Minimalist furnishing, that not only would be visually simplified but could be easily cleaned and maintained. This was totally opposite of a current trend, that included a lot of fabric and staffing. And probably bacteria. With these ideas in mind, Breuer's imagination combined with practicality was a birth place of new minimalist styles that required less fabric, and were made of hygienic wood and steel. During his most influential period in England 1935-1937, and before migrating to the United States, Breuer designed his spatial chaise longue for architectural firm Iskon, which was one of his most recognizable designs of this period. He continued to explore this form that would influence many American designers, upon his arrival to America.