HUNGER TV – Rankin + Andrew Gallimore

A shiny new editorial at HUNGER MAG showcases surreal cyborg beauty, glitched-out computer script, artsy circuitry and psychic auras that will open your eyes wide shut.

Rankin and Andrew Gallimore generate entrancing, awe-inspiring optics and majestic moving imagery. The frontline creatives transform their subjects into hyper-real cyborgs, visceral sci-fi vixens and graphically gorgeous intergalactic avatars. Constantly revolutionizing and re-inventing fashion, beauty, advertising and art, their astral aesthetics look like a lurid sex fantasy by way of alien alchemy and one totally kissable cosmonaut. In partnership with our fave avant-garde periodical, HUNGER MAG, the twosome’s latest collaboration ‘Transform-Her’ takes futuristic beauty to the next fucking level, featuring the cybernetically glammed up and impossibly gorgeous Georgie Hobday. Check out our choice outtakes below. Whoa! Welcome to the future. And THANK YOU, HUNGER TV and KIM HOWELLS! Read more: