Great Fashion- MOOHONG KIM

MOOHONG KIM is the unconventional, deconstructivist designer making mad brainy apparel.

Armed with a Ph.D in political science and pioneering nimble and nuanced duds, Moohong’s sharp silhouettes and complex cuts call to mind an inventive, intellectual aesthetic that draws influence from Gothic, punk, financial theory, abstract art and an awesome array of underground subcultures. Focusing on fresh prints and utilizing cryptic fonts/phrases, Moohong fuses unisex, street and sass into a powerhouse syncretic. Now in its sixth successful year, the brand continues to manifest the designer’s darkly poetic vision with a pretty polymorphic twist.

Moohong Kim is an Anglo-Korean designer working out of London and Seoul. He has a doctorate from the University of Warwick (UK) and pushes a wicked aesthetic reminiscent of Rick Owens, Julius and Bernhard Willhelm. We love his sizzling styles, especially the one below emblazoned with the famous Black-Scholes option pricing model. Hedge fund traders and risk managers take note. Buy some here.