Good TV – ‘Chernobyl’

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ is jam-packed with jarring cinematography, genetic mutations and killer cold war history. The hardcore miniseries is the best thing on TV, hands down.

For fans of Soviet and post-Soviet style such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Egor Rogalev, Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Putin, look no further than HBO’s newest, must-see miniseries, ‘Chernobyl.’ The show captures all the shortages, shenanigans and inefficiencies of the Soviet system that resulted in countless inflamed thyroids, monster-like birth defects and unspeakable human tragedy. It shows the gruesome lunacy of Soviet logic and how terror was at the root of that panopticon state. The USSR embodied all the catastrophic and apocalyptic features of a sacrificial furnace – where utopia so easily turned to dystopia and conformity, servility and submission were the defining traits.

Depicting the insane events that led up to the ‘Zone of Alienation,’ Craig Mazin’s ‘Chernobyl’, which debuted on HBO last week, is a serious AF account of what happened when a nuclear power plant near the sleepy town of Pripyat, Ukraine, exploded back in April 1986. The accident triggered an endless gush of unpleasantries for the Soviet Union’s ultra-sinister strongmen and subjugated sheeple, as well as a broadside critical meltdown for the Evil Empire itself, culminating with the transformative events of 1989: the wholesale unraveling of that ghastly gulag state from center to periphery. By 1991 the whole system collapsed in on itself.