Fashion obsession: Melitta Baumeister

Melitta Baumeister’s fashion is so beautiful and soooooo fuckin’ bangin’ — WOW! Full of dark grandeur, sassy turbulence and poetic surrealism, the designer’s gear comes totally alive with a Kafkaesque weirdness and avant-garde élan.

Hailing from Germany and touted by Dover Street Market and 10 Corso Como, amongst others, Melitta dreams up mysterious, bizarre and badass fashion that makes our adrenal glands gush! Her looks comprise esoteric silhouettes that have been ingeniously cut and radically transmuted into wearable abstractions that titillate and transcend in alchemical ways.

Based way out in Brooklyn, Melitta is a freakish outlier and fashion outlaw making fierce work that shrouds you in sartorial angst where strange powers transform aesthetic visions into delirious abnormalities. She explores the substrates of streetwear and co