It was a sunny day in October, when we followed Carlin Rollenhagen, manager at iconic DSMNY on his culinary and fashion adventure in China town, New York. He was on a mission to cook for us, and getting the ingredients in dreamy, yet edgy, uncompromising, elegantly sluttish outfits, leaving the crowd speechless. We talked style, his growing up in podunk Michigan, obsession with avant-garde fashion and Martin Margiela, and why Bottega woven bags are on his wish list. You can guess, he didn't cook much but he served the most tasteful and filling fashion desert.

Hi! You studied fashion design (add where) and landed in DSMNY? Tell us what you do? 

I studied Womens wear Design at Columbia College Chicago from ’12-15’.  A little too late I realized that I didn’t have the passion for design, however, I was extremely talented at the business side. After numerous retail experiences, i moved to NYC and landed at DSMNY.

What's important when styling your clients?

How long does it take you to pick an outfit for work?   

It usually takes me about 10 minutes total to get dressed, but 5 minutes to fully visualize the look.

Describe your style in few words. 

My style could be described as slutty, but avant-garde.

You can't go wrong with...

Little skin - am i right?

Who is your favorite designer to date?

Maison Margiela.

You have many black and white fashion pieces in your closet. What are other colors you allow to "interrupt" this symbiosis?

Of course black & white is always in style, why no throw in a Navy to confuse people’s eye? If not navy, a good pattern is always a strong choice. 

What was your fashion style as teenager?  

As a teenager I was all across the board. Growing up in podunk Michigan, there weren’t many choices. My go-to fashion labels were H&M, American Apparel, Hot Topic, and Gap. So I guess you could say I was punky prep. 

What was your most extreme outfit ever?

My most extreme outfit ever was probably when I wore this fitted Rick Owens gown, with an extreme smokey eye that made it appear I was out partying for days, and a Tabi heel. Of course my CDG seatbelt bag was the accessory for the evening just to hold the essentials. Last piece was the wet hair vibe just to leave everyone guessing if I was sweaty, or if I was caught in the rain.

It seems like many kids today are trying to get the same exact shoe, sneaker or a jacket. Do you think personal style has become less important to a younger generation?   It’s hard to say the personal style has completely become null and void. Although major labels are forcing assimilation among fashion crowds, I think that underneath it all everyone has an opinion to voice.

New designers to watch for this season? 

Ones to watch hmm….let me get back to you.  :)

NYFW just ended...The best show/party you've seen or been to? 

The best party I had ever been to after NYFW was the Jeremy Scott after party back in 2015. My first NYFW ever, and I had no Idea what I was doing, and I was underage. (well before I realized he was a trash designer). But i was living the dream - a midwest boy, wearing his best shit, getting into a party underage, and just soaking it all in with random b list celebs. It was iconic.

You're moving to Mars and can only take one thing, what would that be?  

If I moved to Mars, and could only take one thing it would be an endless supply of veggie chips.

Name a Guilty pleasure. 

I wish I had a guilty pleasure, because I have no shame in anything that I do really.

What was your most indulgent purchase? 

Most indulgent purchase ever was this Hermes Vinyl vintage Kelly bag. It was stupid expensive for a piece of plastic that I rarely use. But i treasure it so. 

The very last outfit you would wear? 

Junya Watanbe related skirt, CDG SHIRT boy tee shirt, nike lunar air force ones, and a “old celine” tote bag.

What’s on your wish list right now?

Bottega woven bags. the colors are stunning, and I love when new directors pay homage to the old tastefully.

Carlin is wearing:

CDG Homme Plus pleather skirt, CDG Homme Plus x Nike hight top sneaker/ Maison Margiela purse

CDG cut out trousers / vintage hospital bustier / Maison Margiela tabi boots / Rick Owens Leather Bunny Pouch

Maison Margiela white button down / CDG BLACK blazer 

MM6 Bodysuit / Junya Watanabe wide trouser / Simone Rocha pink bag 


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