Escape to Otherworld - the coolest virtual reality space

Tumble down a digital black hole at Otherworld, a virtual arcade bringing you the antidote to the chaos of urban living thanks to white and neon interiors inspired by light genius James Turrell, multi-sensory VR effects, and a delightful top gun food and cocktail menu. We say fuck yes!!!

This recently opened hot spot is the talk of the town amongst VR-obsessed Londoners and executed by badass visionary architecture studio Red Deer. Located in East London (originally a railway arch), a multidisciplinary entertainment space combines sixteen virtual-reality immersion rooms, a cocktail bar and a yummy poké kitchen serving small plates, fish dishes, poké bowls and mochi ice cream as a desert.

A clinical neon jungle colliding all things digital, unique sense-hacking technology, trippy tableaus, interactive art and visually eye-popping interior, aims to expand an unvisited version of reality, creating this unique universe that caters to all your senses in a superb way.

Through immersive media walk right through a portal of your choice to another dimension and climb Mount Everest, hunt zombies, blow up robots with lasers, adventure through Wild West, or slash fruit like a real Ninja. Dive in and get ready for the most authentic experience - multi-sensory widgets invite heat, wind, rumble and scent to respond to the user's exploration in the pod, stimulating all kinds of feelings: pleasure, tension, surprise and revelation etc.

After you are done with VR games, a little computational alchemy mixed with some cool architecture will help you decompress, whether you choose to hang by the bar or restaurant and enjoy the tantalizing food from Lords of Poké or cocktails designed by an ex Milk & Honey mixologist. Design graduate Brea Holloway completes the experience outfitting servers in padded white clothing reminiscent of garments worn by Japanese samurai warriors with a newfangled feel.

Let go and get fully immersed in digitally drenched landscapes and hypnagogic habitats.

Newfangled loves new spaces, especially when they conjure kickass design, Black Mirror-esque stuff and make you think hard about the meaning of aesthetics and your deepest fantasies.

We are hyper-stimulated!!