Escape to Otherworld - the coolest virtual reality space

Tumble down a digital black hole at Otherworld, a virtual arcade bringing you the antidote to the chaos of urban living thanks to white and neon interiors inspired by light genius James Turrell, multi-sensory VR effects, and a delightful top gun food and cocktail menu. We say fuck yes!!!

This recently opened hot spot is the talk of the town amongst VR-obsessed Londoners and executed by badass visionary architecture studio Red Deer. Located in East London (originally a railway arch), a multidisciplinary entertainment space combines sixteen virtual-reality immersion rooms, a cocktail bar and a yummy poké kitchen serving small plates, fish dishes, poké bowls and mochi ice cream as a desert.

A clinical neon jungle colliding all things digital, unique sense-hacking technology, trippy tableaus, interactive art and visually eye-popping interior, aims to expand an unvisited version of reality, creating this unique universe that caters to all your senses in a superb way.

Through immersive media walk right through a portal of your choice to another dimension and climb