QUARANTINE STYLE MACHINE-ART: Artists and their works during the pandemics and wars

Egon Schiele

Austrian painter 12 June 1890 – 31 October 1918 

During the influenza Schiele was in Austria with his wife Edit, who was six months pregnant. Schiele was at work making  “The Family” - portrait of him his wife and their unborn child. He never finished the painting, though.  His wife Edith, died from influenza in the 6 month of her pregnancy. Three days after, 28 year old Egon Schiele died as well. 

This was his last letter that he wrote to his mother, few days before his wife died: “Dear Mother Schiele, Edith got the Spanish Flu eight days ago and has pneumonia. She is six months pregnant. The disease is very serious and life-threatening; I am preparing myself for the worst”.

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