One of Newfanglend’s instant fashion crushes, during the London Fashion Week was Belgrade born designer Gala Borovic whoz post-rave inspired atrisinal apparel and surreal silhouettes, accented with alien like prints and dope detailing triggered our deepest cosmic fashion sensations. We are gaga about her debut irradiating collection „The Base“, especially bold silk sweatpants, over-sized coats with one of a kind eclectic drawings. We flew to Gala's hometown Belgrade, Srebia’s capitol and an epicenter of Balkans fun, to meet this creative avatar at one of the coolest contemporary galleries in town „X-Vitamin“. Gala's garments and the art in the room were simultaneously radiating a holographic art synergy. Truly mesmerized we tried every single piece, including the Trump Face corset, which sample was sold during the runway show in London!!!

You recently attended London Fashion Week and showcased your collection “The Base”? How did that happen?

In February, this year, I applied for the Fashion Scout South-Eastern Europe fashion competition. Two months later, 13 graduates and experienced designers were invited to the Ljubljana Fashion Week for the presentation with the International judges and founders of the Fashion Scout organisation. Shortly they picked a designer to showcase their full collection at London Fashion Week. To be honest, I was not expecting but hoping to win as I always wanted to get a chance to show my work in London.

You spent three years in Amsterdam studding. What's the most interesting part about living there?

During my studies at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts I have lived in the small city one hour away from Amsterdam. We often traveled to Amsterdam for the research, fabric hunt and nightlife. After my studies I have moved to Amsterdam and I find that this city offers a lot of options but even more positive distractions 😊. The rave culture in Amsterdam is so far developed that it is beyond inspirational!!

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs and concepts?

I have broad imagination, in real life, and while designing. It is not a rare situation where I am motivated by the idea of surrealism combined with real-life happenings. Often these events are inspired by the lives of my close friends and family, their successes, interests, love, hate and lust. I am as well joining my personal experiences, both positive and negative. My designs, prints and concepts are the reflection of the intuitive choices and revival of the memories. Furthermore, the aim is to translate the initial feeling of the story to the observer and consumers.

What's the most challenging aspect of your creative process?

I think when you have just started to figure out your brand, every obstacle seems bigger than it really is. First challenge most certainly lays in financial calculations. Student mind of the designer has to be translated into the business-oriented brain therefore creation cannot be as spontaneous as before. I find this transition to be the current biggest obstacle in my creative process.

It seems like many kids today are trying to get the same exact shoe, sneaker or a jacket. Do you think personal style has become less important to a younger generation?

Every season there is a certain hype happening in the „commercial“ fashion influencers world. Brands are pushing certain products, therefore gifting them to the mass influencers which is inevitably resulting in all of them looking very similar. Younger generation is hooked on a digital world and nothing can go unnoticed. On the other hand, I feel that the real cool kids and younger niche customers are paying more and more attention to the emerging designers and that, in a way, became a market for itself.

What's a dream collaboration you have in mind for the brand? Do you want to expand beyond fashion?

I would love to make a series of textile prints for John Galliano’s artisanal show under the Margiela brand. As my brand is based on print development I wouldn’t mind translating them on a really big scale and introducing them to the world purely as artworks.

Do you live in your designs or have a totally different uniform?

I practically do not have finances to live in my designs yet. Since few years I am obsessed with vintage clothes so I hope, in the very near future, my outfits would consist of vintage pieces combined with garments from my brand.

What artists have inspired you?

I really enjoy surrealism as a movement. It just makes you think beyond what you can already see. I love Max Ernst and Rene Magritte to name some.

You're moving to Mars and can only take one thing, what would that be?

In case food and water are settled in the travel package I would bring a dear person (not a thing).

What was your most indulgent purchase?

The New Rock boots. I have a thing for the shoes so another special purchase would be thrift shopping at the Marbles vintage shop in Amsterdam where I got these amazing Captain Cook pirate inspired leather shoes. Since then, I am wearing them all the time.

The very last outfit you would wear?

Juicy couture trakcsuit. Although, it was very popular during my late primary school years.

What’s cool in Belgrade now?

I missed the people from Belgrade, and they are one of my biggest inspiration for my designs. I am lucky to be very close with electronic music DJ's and and producers „Kolektiv Base“. In the past we collaborated on making an event at the art festival „Dev9t“ , and one of their members did the audio support for my LFW show. Almost every weekend there is some interesting electronic music event at cool, under the radar spot in Belgrade and many other ones that are mixing fashion, music, film and culture in general.

If there's one person you think should be on our radar who would that be?

I really love our domestic accessories brand Ruksag and British designer Rose Danford-Phillips is worth paying attention to.

How do you hope your life will change after the LFW?

It was a nice chance to build the professional network therefore also exchanging the knowledge and experience with like-minded people. I am really focused on learning more how the fashion business actually works considering that this topic is not frequently mentioned during the fashion design studies. In the near future, I am hoping to connect with appropriate retailers and get the buyers feedback.

Designer: Gala Borovic Photographer: G. Srdanov Creative direction: Aleksandra Di for Newfangled Gallery: X-Vitamin Art: Kristina Bajilo, Mica Stajcic, Mihael Milunovic, Djordje Stanojevic Art curator: Xenia Marinkovic, Aleksandra Dinic, Brajan Model: Vana Filipovski, Lii, Bojana Sarac Backstage Pictures: Maria Gil Mendoza

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