Daniel Palillo – Artist Avatar and Alpha-Dog Creative Extraordinaire

Daniel Palillo is the artisanal slayer of streetwear unmasking the grammar of the avant-garde. In today’s era of icky as fuck fashion and cringe-worthy art works, we’re soooo nostalgic for the punk pioneer’s bygone authenticity.

Daniel Palillo is an avant-garde warrior, sartorial lone gunman and one of the sharpest tools in the fashion-art shed. A saboteur in the house of art and wisecracker in the domain of design, the Helsinki-based hotshot has spent years making cheeky jokes about Pop culture, materialism/conspicuous consumption and art-world peccadilloes.

His aesthetic output is artistically rich, buzzing with energy and entropy, crammed with chaos and contradiction, and imbued with the narrative of subversion. He brilliantly tinkers with fashion aesthetics and toggles between deconstructivist/re-conconstructivist gestures, dishing out parodic work of anti-art that embodies experimentation, provocation, sky-high quality and endless anarchy. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE ->