Cosmic Creativity – Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson creates some seriously celestial, utterly astral art. She mines the universe for material and makes beautiful, poetic Big Bangs along the way.

Katie Paterson’s art brilliantly blends surrealism, science and mind-melting metaphysics. The Scottish virtuoso’s breakout piece, ‘Vatnajökull’ (meaning, ‘the sound of’), embedded a phone deep inside a glacier and then she invited people to dial a number and listen to the eerie sounds of ice melting. Conceptual stuff, indeed. Since then, she has simulated lunar light in incandescent bulbs, made maps of heavenly objects and sent a meteorite back into outer space.

Katie excels at making retina-blasting abstractions, awesome optical torques, audio-visual abracadabras and poetic tropes about the nature of the universe and our (limited) role in it.

We love Katie’s sublime, light-warping works. Check out her cosmic lattes and espresso shots of awe immediately. Pop by Turner Contemporary, Margate in Kent to witness her spectral works up close. Bang! The show runs until May.