We always find inspirational and useful to revisit some of the old masterpieces, classics and books. Not only this brings a great memories back it also help us realize how much we evolved and changed since we last read some book. Did your views changed and how some writers helped you overcome current situations.

This is always a great exercise for the evolution of your mind. And since we are slowly waking up and trying to go back to "normal" or "new normal" it might be the right time to slow down, put your i-pads and tablets on a side, swift your libraries and go back to some books you loved. And again just in case you are part of digital generation that prefers kindle over physical books you can always find it online as well.

Here is our list:

Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead

Anton Chekov: Three Sisters

Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs and Steel

Eric Johnson: Anxiety Equation

Fyodor Dostoevsky: The Idiot

Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain: Please Kill Me

Friedrich Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil

Boris Johnson: The Churchill Factor

Brene Brown: Daring Greatly

Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

Margaret Cheney: Tesla Man Out of Time

Friederich Herneck: Einstein At Home

Karen Smith: Nine Lives

Sarah Thornton: Seven Days in The Art World

Michio Kaku: The Future Of Humanity

Martin Masion Margiela: The Exhibition

The Love Letters: Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric

Gaston Bachelard: The Poetics of Space

Jorge Luis Borges: Labyrinths