Berta Fischer's mesmeric installations

Berlin based artist, Berta Fischer recently dropped her cool, luminous sculptures at James Fuentes gallery, New York. This mesmeric exhibit features a few of Fischer’s fluorescent and colorful pieces, including spiderlike objects hanging from the sealing, bringing the radiant lightness into the gallery space.

The artist’s large scale, abstract and voluminous sculptures, which she crafts with synthetic materials such as plastic and acrylic glass, create powerful visual experience. Fischer’s skillful form and material manipulation, use of iridescent and neon colors, have been the source of her unique and widely recognizable aesthetic. Her art entices the imagination and is an example of eternal interplay between architectural space and colorful vibrant objects.

Fischer creates no-nonsense, elusive installations redefining the interior with her translucent, pink, neon green, blue galactic sculptures. A dreamy maze of visually insane pieces and utterly hypnotic and unsettling neons, that allows you to see and experience perpetual forms of lights …Check it!!!!

Berta Fischer has two ongoing exhibits:

James Fuentas Gallery, NY

July 24th – September 15th

SCAD Museum, Savannah, Georgia

February 12th – September 1st