Artsy Artifice – Damien Hirst at The Palms

The punk-Pop Art provocateur and progenitor of his own hard-edged ‘Goth Minimalism’ thing designed a shark-infested suite for VIPs, high rollers and hedge fund douchebags.

Behold, the new $100,000-per-night hotel suite at The Palms resort in Las Vegas (America’s most ‘expensive hotel room’), complete with works from the maniacal Pop Art maestro himself, plus tons of tacky design motifs to liven up the gloom-inducing gray color scheme. There is a sweeping panoramic view of Sin City in all its ritzy glitz ambience, hustlers, hoodlums and endless empty parking lots.

Note the pharmaceutically-themed “stickies” on the plate glass windows and the extra pimped out jacuzzi area. A few pilsners and some OxyContin would surely get us in the mood, as well as a good game of snooker (the pool table’s surface doubles as a canvas for his ‘Spin Paintings‘) with waif, lingerie-clad lasses from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. “It’s for people who are looking for one-of-a-kind experiences, or to throw an event, or to show off a bit, or to have the best experience they can have in Vegas,” says Lorenzo Fertitta of Red Rock Resorts, which owns The Palms. READ MORE ->