Ai Weiwei in LA – ‘Life Cycle’

Ai Weiwei (艾未未) contemplates China’s dire trajectory and his homeland’s accelerating artistic-socio-political downward spiral. His newest work reflects on the People’s Republic and its wobbly past, present and high-risk future with an emphasis on the downtrodden, environmental degradation and the economy’s Darwinian tics.

In 2012, the seditious artist said that China’s art world was a ‘banal blank space and stifling vacuum.’ He argued that in his home country, art amounts to a generic and superficial ‘consumerist offering’ devoid of deeper philosophical and metaphysical meaning. With the recent razing of his Beijing atelier/studio and the CCP casting crazy aspersions about his oeuvre, Ai shifts his focus to China’s procrustean autocrats and his country’s icky political retrogression – a place that continues to tumble down the tyrannical-fascist rabbit hole at a fast tempo.

While China’s commies continue to aggressively repress art and aesthetics, ‘Life Cycle’, Ai’s newest exhibit in LA, explores the Middle Kingdom in all its contemporaneous and cantankerous upheavals through a mythological, historical and ‘utopian’ prism with critiques of the panopticon state, the global migrant/refugee crisis, and the erosion of artistic liberties in an obscurantist and Kafkaesque country. Read more