A ‘Woke’ Wardrobe

This is the best fucking summer fashion ever!

VIVISXN’s fashion editors are so fu*kin’ frontline we might as well be aliens from the future. That’s right, our prescient picks, derived from our clever AI crystal ball/neural network (using probability weightings and inferential statistics combined with our incredible taste), are the freshest, fiercest and most prophetic in the fashion cosmos. So pay close attention…this is what’s pinging our radar with intense energy waves and encoded style signals, courtesy of predictive analytics/sentiment analysis as the summer swelter sets in. Whatever the weather, get ‘fashion woke’ via VIVISXN‘s next-level wardrobe picks! These garms are trending hard!

Behold → a few of our sizzling seasonal and non-seasonal selects, one-offs and ‘anti-fashion’ anomalies to get the summer gunning. VIVISXN loves unisex wizards Bernhard Willhelm and