NEWFANGLED is a frontline e-commerce bazaar, featuring extra unique, art-based offerings and fashion with a totally disruptive approach. Our assortment blends indie brands, luxury labels, and offbeat goodies, boasting a perfectly curated edit plucked from exotic sources and heavenly realms.

NEWFANGLED is populated with a shifting selection of hard-to-find novelty goods and objets d’art sourced by our globetrotting tastemakers and algorithmic wizardry. Known for its impeccable UX and world-class services, we tend to stock epic staples and timeless tidbits, offering a euphoria-inducing treasure trove at excellent prices.

NEWFANGLED is an ever-evolving showcase of curated concepts encompassing menswear, womenswear, unisex gear, home accents and hard to find merch. We do pop-ups and flash sales, and fuse forces with the world’s coolest creatives and wildest wave makers. Check out some of our goodies…->


In an attempt to back innovative brands, designers and artists, who are making a positive impact on the world, NEWFANGLED is committed to developing strategies and creative concepts. 



We act as strategic advisers in order to optimize brand value propositions. 


At NEWFANGLED we implement strategy, refine processes and amplify the impact on client engagements.


We run promotional events for clients and  maximize visibility.

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